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Poblado Bioclimático Juan Castañeda Martín


Our objective double with the Settlement Bioclimático is, in first place, get a model of renewable energies and, in second place, to create an alternative to the classic standard models of tourism, based basically on an aggression to the environment and to the landscapes.

We try to form an as self-sufficient as possible Settlement in all his extent. The basic characteristics are to create a Settlement with independent family houses, inserted in the landscape, coexisting the nature and the hand of the man. All the villas are interlaced by horizontal and vertical ways of stones creating an environmental atmosphere unique and differentiated from everything what exists in the tourist sector. The independence of the houses is fundamental to obtain the pretensions of the project.

Apart of the independence of the different villas, we are trying to obtain the major possible luminosity in the same ones, achieving that the autochthonous vegetation is a fundamental part of the housing.

The principal characteristics are:

a. Independent villas
b. Swimming pool in a waterfall
c. Sports facilities
d. Underground parking lots with the autochthonous vegetation in the cover.
e. The villas are bioclimáticas, which allows to reach a maximum comfort to the visitor.
f.  The restoration joins the landscape across a small viewing-point

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Published on: 2008-01-28 (3442 reads)

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